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A large part of our practice focuses on immigration defense and advocacy. Whether you need assistance with a family-based petition, naturalization application, asylum application, or removal/deportation action, I am fully prepared to work with you to protect your ability to live and work in the United States. Nothing is more important than one’s freedom. I will work closely with you to make sure that your rights and freedoms are protected.

Kansas and Missouri Local Immigration Lawyer

We provide guidance on issues pertaining to deportation and removal, immigration detention, alien criminal defense, Board of Immigration appeals, deportable offenses, denial of immigration benefits, asylum and refugee status, abused spouse petitions (VAWA), work permits, naturalization, alien victims of crimes applications (U-visas), visitor and non-immigrant visas, green cards and immigration visas, and immigration appeals.

Meet Zach Roberson

Zach Roberson is a Kansas immigration and criminal defense attorney.

Since opening his practice in Olathe, Zach has helped many individuals navigate the often complex legal system to successfully attain their Green Card, US Visa or US Citizenship and has provided professional legal representation for his clients in immigration court.

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“Citizenship” is the status of being a citizen of a particular country, while “naturalization” is the process by which a person becomes a citizen.  Our office is available to help eligible individuals naturalize and become U.S. citizens.

Many immigration cases require extensive documentation.  I work closely with my clients to provide guidance as to the documents required for their specific case.

I do represent many individuals in court, particularly the Kansas City Immigration Court.

That really depends on each case.  Clients typically spend very little time waiting on me and/or my office.   We work hard to get applications and/or petitions filed very quickly. 

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